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How To Pill A Cat


You may have to give your cat medication in either liquid or tablet form. If your cat doesn’t like the idea, remember it’s for your pet’s own good. Start by wrapping your cat’s body and legs tightly in a towel, leaving only its heat sticking out from the towel.  If you cradle your cat in one arm, and place your thumb and forefinger on either side of its face, you can force the mouth open by applying gentle pressure at the space between the teeth. 

This will allow you to deposit a pill in your cat’s mouth.

Next, massage or rub your cat’s throat until he or she swallows.

If you have to give you cat a liquid medication, use the above procedure but insert the dropper between the cheek and teeth and, while tilting the chin upward, slowly dispense the medication. These techniques are generally accepted and used by veterinarians for the administration of medications to pets. However, it is recommended you consult with your veterinarian before applying them. 


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