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Senior Animal Visits


Senior Cat being pet by human


Beginning around age 7, your pet enters their “Senior” years. The age your pet hits senior status varies by breed and lifestyle factors.   We recommend that once your animal hits this milestone, we see them here twice a year to do a complete wellness exam.  During the first visit we do the exam, followed by any vaccinations that your animals requires based on their lifestyle.   Six months later, we do another complete wellness exam along with blood work.  These exams are done twice yearly not only to break up all injections but so we can monitor their health every six months.  Often as pets age, they become at risk for certain diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and others.  By doing a complete exam and blood work we can detect these diseases early and continue to monitor them throughout your pets life. 

Additional tests such as Urinalysis, X-Rays, B.P. Monitoring, Electrocardiograph or additional blood tests such as heartworm or Feline leukemia/FIV tests may also be needed based on each pets medical history and exam findings.